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Of all the articles that I have written, I consider this article of Oregon Wine to be my best article. Hope you feel the same too.

The Best Articles on Wine

Italy - Musical Wines

We are off to Italy again in a few weeks and I am going to be in the Arezzo area for a few days at end of trip. I will be on a mission while in Tuscany.... I am to find a town called Montalcino where there is a vineyard owned by a man who has made a startling discovery and now being studied scientifically. His grapes were not growing as robustly as they should have been for years so he tried an experiment. He decided to pipe classical music to half of his vineyard and the grapes responded by growing large r, juicier and redder than those not listening to music... It deserved a closer look Montalcino is also home to the famous Banfi wines .Banfi wines are considered by the Italian to be the best in Italy with only a small production of certain kinds distributed to America. So Montalcino is about 1 1/2 hours from Arezzo but a lovely trip especially at harvest time .Be sure to go to the musical vineyard called Paradiso di Frassini on the way to Montalcino from Buonconvento. According to an acquaintance who lives there the grapes prefer violins. The owner is Giancarlo Cignozzi and he makes very interesting wines, including one called " DO" ( musical--do, a doe ,a female deer...) containing 12 varietals. An interesting note is that this acquaintance ,Laura, states that when the boss is not there, the workers replace Vivaldi with Vasco Rossi and it does not seem to do the wines any harm It has become a very notable place so it is now necessary to request and appointment to visit. I will gladly give anyone the necessary phone and fax numbers upon request.

About the Author

I am a direct importer of 18 Kt and Platinum Italian Designer Jewelry and Gifts so I am in Italy every 2-3 months to buy and they are not available anywhere else in the USA. My website can be found at www.exeterjewelers.com.I have just put my website up and am continually working to add new items and improve it.I have become sort of a local directory for all things Italian especially in the area of Italian travel.Recently,I received Italian citizenship.

Wine and More

Why The Jews?Martin Winer

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Sonoma Valley Wineries And Wines

Although many AVAs in Sonoma County are well-known for one or two specific varietals, the Sonoma Valley enjoys diverse terroir, and successfully grows...

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Build Your Own Wine Rack (In An Afternoon)

A good drink is what even Gods enjoy and to most a good wine is the best drink in the world. The connoisseurs of wine say that to find out a good wine...

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Wine Saver Topper Black

Its vacuum-seal system preserves freshness from the moment you uncork. The Topper then remains on the bottle. Just lift whenever you want to pour then reseal.

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Laguiole Steak Knives Palissander Wood (Set of 6)

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Riedel Vinum Extreme Wine Decanter

Riedel Vinum Extreme Wine Decanters are artisanal works of art. The elongated body of the decanter encourages young wines to open up and also permits vintage wines to assume their full glory. Featuring the sleek angular lines and generous shapes that inspired the Riedel Extreme stemware series this decanter is a feat in modern design and function. Gift boxed.6'H X 14 1/2'L 35 1/4 oz. capacity. Attention California residents. Proposition 65 WARNING.

Price: 310.00 USD

Champagne Bottles



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Anonymous Dry Wine says:

Wine Society
wine society German wine´┐Ż the new commodity on the American market

German wine is something that is finally catching on in American and for good reason. German wine is wonderful wine with many different notes and harmonized flavors to it. One of the most common and popular of all German wines is the Riesling. This German wine has gained some serious ground in the wine world in the last decade or so thanks to its fabulous flavor.

Riesling is a popular German wine because it can grow in wine society stony areas that have little moisture. Thee grapes are hardy and tough and they do not require the pampering that some other varieties of grapes need which makes them perfect for German wine. And this type of German wine can last for many years due to its favorable acid levels.

The crops of the grapes used in this German wine are always plentiful. This is due in part to the great growing conditions and the grapes ability to thrive with little water as well as their tough exterior.
wine society
For more...
vintage wine

Anonymous Wine Makers says:

Spirits Wine
spirits wine Thinking of things like this as far as your food and wine choice shows you as a caring host and those are the parties that people want to go spirits wine to. If you make the right choices in your food and wine then you are always going to have amazing parties filled with people and good times.
spirits wine
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wine vino

Anonymous Wine Vino says:

Cabinet Wine
cabinet wine In fact this German wine, the Riesling, is getting to be so popular that it is one of the most planted of all German wines. Of all the German wine cabinet wine made and all of the grapes grown to make it Riesling makes up over one fifth of all the grape plantings for German wine. This is quite a feat.
cabinet wine
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shiraz wine

Anonymous Zinfandel Wine says:

Marvel Wine
marvel wine Once all of the French wine grapes have been crushed the must is sent through the fermentation tanks to ferment, as they should. This is a necessary part of the French wine making in that if this step is not done there can be no alcohol in the wine, it would simply be grape juice.

The grapes used in the making of French wine have their own natural sugars and yeasts and other important chemicals. During the fermentation process marvel wine the French wine grapes undergo a change in their chemical balances. It is this chemical change that makes the French wine special.

During the entire French wine making process those making the wine need to keep the temperature at a steady 25 to 30 degrees Celsius if they want to the French wine grapes to ferment as they should. There must also be the proper ventilation in place to keep the French wine processing smoothly.
marvel wine
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french wines

Anonymous Brandy Wine says:

Cheap Wines
cheap wines And this wine is often delicious aged and in most cases you will be able to store it for a very long time in your wine cellar. This is one of the many reasons that the Cabernet Sauvignon is such a popular red wine with collectors of wine in general.

There are many different flavors in this Cabernet Sauvignon red wine such as oak, cherry, raspberry, cedar and even some dried herbs sometimes. This is a cheap wines full-bodied red wine. It is the kind of red wine that people all over the world can enjoy together by itself or over dinner.

Merlot is another red wine that has claimed worldwide attention with its smooth wondrous flavors of mixed fruit. The soft and juicy flavor of this red wine comes from the glorious grapes that are used. They are a plump and ripe grape that always adds a lovely flavor to this red wine.
cheap wines
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wine bars

Anonymous Wine Refrigerators says:

Wine Process
wine process In what seemed like no time at all Italian wine makers were able to ship their Italian wine all over the known world. Italian wine was shipped to other parts of Europe and even to America.

In all of the years that people have been drinking Italian wine it has been refined and new varieties have popped up. Each of the new Italian wines are better than the last and this is only helping Italian wine to grow ever more popular in the wine market. No matter where it is that you live you will be able to get and enjoy some find Italian wine process wine. You can simply stop in at your local liquor store to get some of the best Italian wine or you can contact a wine merchant.

If you are interested in collecting Italian wine then you will want to talk to a wine merchant. They are a great way to get the finest of all Italian wine. These Italian wine merchants will also be able to tell you some of the things that you should know about wine and Italian wine in particular. These tips can help you to store your Italian wine properly in order that it can last for years to come.
wine process
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wine gift

Anonymous Wine Advertisement says:

White Wines
white wines This can make your party much more elaborate and well thought out.

Throw a wine tasting party for a change for the everyday

If you have felt a little bored with your life lately then why not throw a wine tasting party? This is a great way to shake things up a bit for yourself and your friends. Wine tasting is something that anyone can enjoy, you do not have to be a die-hard wine connoisseur to enjoy a white wines good wine tasting. This is a great way to introduce yourself or those around you to the wonderful world of wine. If you have never done anything like this why not throw a wine tasting now?

Your wine tasting can be like other wine tastings or you can do something completely different. Just how you will have your wine tasting set up is up to you but it is recommended that you have many different wines to choose from.
white wines
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