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A Taste Of Food And Wine In Tuscany

The Tuscan region of Italy is a food and wine lover?s delight. Modern Tuscan cooking uses fresh, locally grown ingredients, such as beans and olive oil.

Expect lunch (pranzo) or dinner (cena) to be a leisurely, unrushed affair with several courses and lots of wine. Begin with antipasto, a starter or appetizer, often incorporating local delicacies, such as pecorino cheese made from sheep?s milk.

The first course (primo piatto) traditionally consists of a pasta dish or a portion of thick, wholesome home-made soup. Favorite Tuscan soups include Pappa al Pomodoro, a thick tomato soup flavored with fresh basil; Zuppa di Cipolle, onion soup topped with Gruy?re or Fontina cheese; and Ribollita, a vegetable and bread soup of potatoes, cabbage and cannellini beans.

During the second course (secondo piatto), you will eat either meat or fish accompanied by vegetables or salad. An example of a local meat dish is Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a marinated t-bone steak cooked over an open charcoal grill.

Dessert, coffee and an after-dinner liqueur, such as Amaro, will follow. For dessert, you may be able to sample Castagnaccio, or chestnut cake, made from flour milled from Tuscan chestnuts.

Many locally produced wines complement the Tuscan cuisine. The most famous local wine is Chianti, which can be served with meat and most other foods. Other local wines include Brunello di Montalcino, a matured red wine to accompany red meat and poultry; Aleatico dell?Elba, a sweet red wine; and Vin Santo, a white dessert wine.

The most important thing to do when enjoying a Tuscan meal is to slow down. In Tuscany, food is meant to be savored and not rushed. There is no such thing as "fast-food". A meal is meant to be enjoyed amongst family and friends with lively conversation. Savor each fork full and sip your wine slowly.

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For more information, visit A Tuscan Sanctuary or My Italian Year - In Tuscany.

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A Taste Of Food And Wine In Tuscany

The Tuscan region of Italy is a food and wine lover?s delight. Modern Tuscan cooking uses fresh, locally grown ingredients, such as beans and olive oi...

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Clef du Vin Pocket Wine Tasting Tool

Enjoy every wine at its peak of drinking pleasure. A scientific breakthrough product! Clef du Vin lets you assess the precise ageability of any wine. A patented metal alloy located on the tip of Clef du Vin replicates the key aspects of the natural aging process when dipped into wine. You’ll know the ideal moment to enjoy every wine at its peak. Developed and tested over 10 years by one of France’s leading scientists and wine industry consultants and European Champion Sommelier Clef du Vin has received wide acclaim throughout Europe and Asia and is available in The U.S. now for the first time only from Wine Enthusiast. (Pocket Version) Lets you see the future of any wine Determines the ideal length of time to cellar wines Unique patented device widely acclaimed in Europe and Asia Folds up pocket size with a handy carry chain Goes with you to restaurants wine shops wine tastings and traveling. An essential gift for any wine lover Lets you manage your wine cellar like you have a crystal ball.

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Wine About It - Learn about wine the cool, fun, easy way

Wine glasses wine About It is a free monthly newsletter that helps people around the world learn to enjoy wine the cool, fun, easy way. Each month contains an in-depth how-to article on maneuvering the world of wine, wine reviews and recommendations, reader choices, and "random wine-ing". We also publish a free weekly wine tip called Fridays at Five with Lynne.

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Anonymous Wine Bars says:

Chianti Wine
chianti wine Wine making for beginners

If you are interested in wine making then you need to do a little homework before you get started. Wine making is not something that you can just plunge into and learn along the way, you need to do some research so that you know that you are not missing any vital wine making steps or processes. If you do miss these wine making your wine could very well turn out tasting like anything but wine.

Wine making is a something fun that chianti wine you can do in your spare time and at the end you will have a glorious result. Wine making is something that people tend to get hooked on because the very first batch is not usually perfect, it may taste delicious but it will not be perfect. As you learn about wine making and as you get the wine making experience behind you your wine will get better and better. You will undoubtedly pick up tips and tricks to help you improve your wine making capabilities.
chianti wine
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Anonymous Wine Country says:

Wine Reviews
wine reviews This gives the wine a more full bodies flavor that is not too sweet and that has tons of flavor.

My favorite strawberry wine recipe is for a strawberry wine ice. This is one of the simplest recipes that was ever created and one of the most delicious.

All you have to do to make the strawberry wine ice is pour a bottle of strawberry wine into a big saucepan along with a cup or so of sugar, just how much sugar is dependent upon how sweet you like your things to wine reviews be. You will then heat the strawberry wine mixture until the sugar has melted completely. Then freeze this mixture. Leave it in the freezer until it is frozen straight through.

When it comes time to serve this frozen strawberry wine drink all you have to do is take it out of the freezer and pop it into the blender. Blend until smooth and pour into drink glasses and serve. If you are having a party you can add a little sprig of mint to each glass as a garnish.
wine reviews
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Anonymous Wine Photography says:

Vintage Wine
vintage wine When you go on a California wine tour you will be able to see the entire process of wine making from the vines to the storage and aging areas. This is great fun and everyone should appreciate all of the effort that goes into making each and every bottle of wine. Going on a California wine tour is a great way to get a sense of all this hard work.

You can even rope your friends into gong on your California wine tour with you. Make is a group event. Most of the California wine tour companies are able to accommodate vintage wine groups of all sizes so don�t worry about that being an issue.

You will always have the mot interesting and knowledgeable guides on your California wine tour. All of the California wine tour guides are trained well and they know their stuff. These are people who love wine as much as you do, perhaps even more, this is their passion. And don�t forget the best part of the whole California wine tour, the wine!

You will be able to taste all kinds of delicious wines when you are on a California wine tour.
vintage wine
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