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Personalized Wine Gifts

Many wine shops offer their customers the option of personalizing gifts according to their taste and budget. There are many ways of customizing wine gifts, from getting the person's name printed on the gift box, attaching special labels to wine bottles, to getting the occasion, a special date or a personal message printed on the gift itself.

A personalized label on wine bottles is a very common practice and is preferred by most couples. In fact, there many different kinds of labels that one can attach onto wine bottles. One can choose between the many labels meant for different occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, New Year, weddings and many more. Once the customer has selected the label which he or she wants to be attached to the wine bottle of their choice, they can also get a special message or design printed on the label.

Another very popular wine gift is a custom-made wine basket. Customers can get different kinds of wine baskets made according to their own preference. They choose the items which they want should be included in the wine basket, such as the wine bottles, any wine accessory such as corkscrews or bottle openers, edible items such as chocolates and cheese or maybe even flowers.

Personalized wine gifts have become quite popular as they add a unique and classy touch to the gift. During holiday season, when the practice of exchanging gifts is at its peak, many customers and even companies, order personalized wine gifts such as bottle openers, corkscrews and wine stoppers in bulk. The price of these personalized wine gifts is just a little bit higher than the actual wine gifts, the extra charge due to personal touch added. However, when ordered in bulk, the price per gift tends to go down slightly.

Wine Gifts provides detailed information on Wine Gifts, Gifts For Wine Lovers, Wine Related Gifts, Corporate Wine Gifts and more. Wine Gifts is affiliated with Wine and Cheese Gift Baskets.

Featured Wine Bars Items

Total Elegance Standard

Cosmopolitan sentiments are spiritedly emphasized within the layout of the swank wine basket Total Elegance. Impress your loved ones with a basket that includes Giovanni’s Lobster Pate, Brie Cheese, Gourmet Pepper Wine Biscuits, Garlic Bruschetta, Parmesan Focaccia Raspberry Chocolate Cookies, Jazzy Praline, Cappuccino Crunch Popcorn, Assorted Cheese Wedges, Wheat Crackers and Assorted Sausage. We’ve also added Gourmet Coffee, and Dipped Chocolate Spoons for a sumptuous touch. The Mosel Riesling Kabinett and Chardonnay are the crowning jewels of this, our most elegant wine gift basket. TEB04 TEB04S

Price: 139.95 USD

Current Wine Bars News

TorontoIAM Daily Blogs: Trade Time for Sundin, Warm Wine-Bar

Tue, 04 Dec 2007 10:47:15 PST
Toronto daily blog summaries: Raptors win despite injuries, Time to make trade for Sundin, Local wine-bar welcomes and warms, the multicultural literature of Toronto

Moric Ist Da

Wed, 23 May 2007 18:34:36 PDT
Blog report about this red wine from Austria. Perhaps the best red wine from Austria, actually. It has also been reviewed by Robert Parker and Vinography.com. "Blaufrankisch vinified as if it were Grand Cru Burgundy", is what the Wine Advocate said.

Wine red LG Chocolate phone announced!

Thu, 02 Nov 2006 09:52:14 PST
Hear, hear to all you divas with autumn complexions. LG has launched a burgundy version of its Chocolate phone. And it shall be known as the Chocolate Wine…

From the Googleplex to the wine bar

Thu, 24 Jan 2008 11:22:29 PST
While some ex-Google employees are still grinding away as angel investors and entrepreneurs in the tech industry, it's occurred to some others that they're wealthy enough to do whatever they want.

Fareham Wine Cellar, Idiosyncratic Spirits and Liqueurs

Thu, 17 Jan 2008 10:22:38 PST
A searchable list of interesting and some pretty obscure spirits and liqueurs. There a fine Cognacs, Armagnacs, Calvados and Italian and Spanish Brandies, some of which date back to the early 1900s. From the Burgundy region, there is a massive selection of rare liqueurs that would be ideal for cocktails. These include Cassis, Peche and many more.

Another short Wine Bars review


Fitou wine is well-established, particularly in the UK - most people know the name, can pronounce it easily, and may even have tried a bottle or two. ...

Click Here to Read More About Wine ...

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