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Sunday June 29, 2008 - Wine Food

A Wine Food Artilce for Your Viewing

A Guide to Wine Racks

It is a clich that wines get better with age. How a wine ages will depend on how the wine is stored. Wine racks are a simple way to store unopened wines for the short-term.

It is a clich that wines get better with age. How a wine ages will depend on how the wine is stored. Wine racks are a simple way to store unopened wines for the short-term.

Never put the wine rack on top of the refrigerator. All wines should be stored someplace cool. Find a spot in your house that stays about the same cool temperature year-round. The basement, so long as it is consistently cool, makes a nice place to store your wines. You could also put the wine rack in an interior closet. These storage places are not glamorous, but they keep the wines taste. Also make sure the wine will not be vibrated, another reason not to keep it on the refrigerator. Dont store the wine next to anything with a strong odor, which could overwhelm the wines flavor. Wine racks also keep the wine bottle horizontal, tipping the wine to the cork. Keeping the cork wet helps the wine keep.

Once you have a place to store your wine rack, you can have fun picking one out. Metal wine racks match any dcor and there are hundreds from which to choose. Metal wine racks have a variety of styles. You can buy classical wine racks made from wrought iron, or more contemporary wine racks made from chrome or steel. Metal wine racks can stand alone, form a table, or be hung. Metal wine racks can cost between $25 and several hundred dollars. Wooden wine racks are just as diverse as metal wine racks. Small wooden wine racks hold three bottles, large wine racks around 50. Wooden wine racks for sale can form a table, be a storage chest, stand alone, or be functional stackable boxes. Wooden wine racks cost between $40 and several hundred dollars. If you cannot afford a cellar and would like to expertly store wines, invest in a freestanding, temperature-controlled wine rack.

Look for different styles of wine racks online or at home stores. You can also build your own simple wine rack. Instructions are available online.


Wine Racks provides detailed information about metal, wood, hanging, and wall wine racks, as well as wine storage racks, wine glass racks, wine rack plans and kits, and more. For more information go to http://www.e-wineracks.com and/or visit our affiliate site at http://www.growthink.com.

A Short Wine Food Summary

A Guide to Wine Racks

It is a clich that wines get better with age. How a wine ages will depend on how the wine is stored. Wine racks are a simple way to store unopened win...

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Recommended Wine Food Items

The FTD All Things Bright Spray Easel - Deluxe

This arrangement is resplendent with flowers and colors. Flowers include roses, gladiolus, orchids, gerbera daisies, calla lilies, snap dragons and more. Delivered with an easel and appropriate to send to a funeral home or service. S14-3541D

Price: 319.99 USD

Current Wine Food News

A Chateau De Fargues Sauternes Tasting - Episode #413

Fri, 22 Feb 2008 09:59:47 PST
Great wine-snob-free discussion of three vintages of the same Sauternes wine (1990 ($100/bottle), 2001 ($105/bottle), and 2003 ($60/bottle), paired with two blue cheeses. Gary Vaynerchuk rocks 5 days a week on tv.winelibrary.com, tasting and educating about wine and how best to enjoy it (by trusting your own palate!!).

A Vintage Diary - The Wine Blokes - 2008 Smithbrook Wines

Sat, 01 Mar 2008 15:09:30 PST
A vintage diary of one of the Wine Blokes doing vintage at Smithbrook Wines in Pemberton, Western Australia. A great insight into the inner workings of a vineyarsd and winery during the harvest period, from harvesting all the way through to the finished wine.

Mayo Cabernet - Side-by-Side Comparison

Sun, 02 Mar 2008 11:47:21 PST
I tasted two different vintages of Cabernet from one of my favorite wine makers side-by-side to see how they compared. This was a lot of fun, as you can imagine. To make it even more fun, the grapes were from different vineyards.The two wines tasted were the 2005 Mayo Rich’s Cuvee Cabernet from the Los Chamizal Vinyard in the Sonoma Valley.

Sip and Spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake, North America's Best!

Thu, 06 Mar 2008 11:08:32 PST
SpasofAmerica.com rated the Top 30 Spas of America - two of the Top 10 can be found in Niagara on the Lake - not just wine country anymore! Find out more about 100 Fountain Spa and The Secret Garden Spa by Vintage Hotels - sip and spa, all at the same time!

Winemaking in Australia - A vintage Diary, 7th March 2008

Fri, 07 Mar 2008 04:43:44 PST
One of the Wine Blokes gives his perspective on working vintage at Smithbrook Wines in Western Australia. This diary post expalins how rain during harvest effects the grapes and wine.

WSJ.com - The Right Stuff

Fri, 07 Mar 2008 14:39:10 PST
The just-arriving 2005 Burgundys from two particular regions are the most consistently good vintage of red Burgundy that our wine experts have tasted for this column.

Vintage Wine Resources

Tue, 18 Mar 2008 17:28:40 PDT
Premier Source For Vintage Wine Tips And Information.

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Syrah Wine


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