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08/07/08 - Tasting Notes

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A Guide To Metal Wine Racks

Wine racks metal....

Metal wine racks are all the rage. A metal wine rack allows the individual wine collector distinction in style unlike the traditional wooden racks. Every wine lover should strongly consider having a metal wine rack to properly display their favorite varietals.

Metal wine racks are for displaying and serving favorite wines. Although they can be used for wine bottle storage, metal wine racks are -- generally speaking -- not as adaptable or space saving as wood wine racks -- although there are certainly exceptions to this rule.

Metal wine racks are functional, but better serve as a unique component to any entertaining event. Since many metal racks that hold wine are artistic in design, they make great conversation pieces and are a sheer pleasure to look at. Thus, many metal wine racks are kept on the counter or displayed prominently around the home or business.

Because wine racks metal -- especially steel -- is so malleable, it is often twisted into sculptures or designs unobtainable by traditional wood wine racks. These designs are then forged at high heats so the wine racks metal is almost indestructible. It requires minimal cleaning -- just soap and water usually does the trick -- and can be polished or dulled depending on owners' desires.

Unlike wood wine racks, metal wine racks are not sold in matrix shapes. Twists, curves, and spirals are abundant in metal wine racks. Metal wine racks generally hold fewer wine bottles than their wood counterpart, and because of their weight, they require a solid surface to stand on.

Metal wine racks are often designed with rack and other components in mind. Many come with an attached table or shelf to hold glasses. Another great reason to buy a metal wine rack versus a wood wine rack is the availability of space. Metal wine racks can often sit right on your bar counter or kitchen counter and not only hold three or four bottles in the space it would take to have one, but add elegance and style to your d?cor.

Whether you are looking for a wine rack for your home or business, a metal wine rack is often the best choice. Metal wine racks are available in a plethora of shapes, and capacities. From a single bottle holder in the shape of an animal to a seventeen bottle wine tree, metal wine racks are pleasing to both the eye and the pocketbook.

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A Guide To Metal Wine Racks

Wine racks metal....
Metal wine racks are all the rage. A metal wine rack allows the individual wine collector distinction in style unlike the traditi...

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