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How Wine Is Made

The first stage in the wine making process is to crush the grapes. In days gone by the grapes would be loaded into a large vat and the wine maker(s) would gently tread on them to break the grapes' skins to release the juice.

Nowadays this procedure is almost invariably carried out using a machine called, unsurprisingly, a crusher.

In the case of white wines, after crushing, the juice is separated immediately from the pulp of skins and stalks and fermentation commences.

When making red (and rose) wines, the juice is allowed to remain in contact with the crushed pulp for a while to add color, body and flavor to the 'must' (the juice to be fermented).

Most modern wines are fermented at a relatively low temperature (around 20 Degrees Centigrade), which results in wine with a fruity character. White wines are commonly made in large, cooled, stainless steel containers but some better quality wines are fermented in oak casks or, alternatively, oak chippings may be added to the must.

Red and ros? wines are usually produced in stainless steel vats or, sometimes, in oak. When the fermenting wine has reached the required color intensity, the liquid is drawn from the vessel, leaving behind the crushed skins and stalks.

Before bottling, wines from different batches may be blended together and matured. Depending on the type of wine, the length of this maturation process can be measured in anything from days to years.

If an "oaky" flavor is desired then the wine can be matured in oak barrels. New oak or old oak barrels can be used depending on the final flavor required.

Even after bottling, the flavor of some quality wines will continue to evolve, albeit at a slower rate. However nowadays, most wines, even expensive wines, are ready for drinking soon after bottling.

About the Author: Since Neil Best first investigated the history of wine he's been recording his findings at Good Glug. This article is part of the free Good Glug Wine Appreciation Mini Course. Visit now to get your copy

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How Wine Is Made

The first stage in the wine making process is to crush the grapes. In days gone by the grapes would be loaded into a large vat and the wine maker(s) w...

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Smith Madrone Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

Smith-Madrone Winery sits at the top of Spring Mountain looking down on the fog filled Sonoma Valley. Here Stu Smith crafts a fantastic Cabernet and wine lovers drink it up as fast as he can make it. This intense, deep red is in a league of its ownand given its age is great to enjoy right now with lots of years left in it. This wine should be recommended to anyone who enjoys serious red wines with a lot of potential. The 2000 vintage of this wine is truly fabulous and surely the best the winery has produced in the last ten years!! SMC01 SMC01

Price: 60.99 USD

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