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Friday 09/19/08 - Strawberry Wine

A Featured Strawberry Wine Article

A Restaurateurs 30 Interesting Wine Facts

As owner of a winery and also a restaurant, I often get asked a lot of questions about wine and also about the wine industry in general. So here are some great wine facts for you to savour.

1. There are 20 million acres are planted to grapes worldwide.

2. Among the world's fruit crops, wine grapes rank number one in the amount of acres planted.

3 164 countries import California wines.

4. Prunes were the primary fruit crop in Napa Valley during the 1940's.

5. 30 million gallons of wine were lost in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

6. On August 19, 1873, phylloxera was first discovered in California.

7. 10,450 acres of Napa County vineyards have been replanted in the last 15 years because of phylloxera.

8. 4,450 more acres of Napa County vineyards will need replacement.

9. It takes 4 to 5 years to harvest a commercial crop from newly replanted grape vines?

10. 10,000 varieties of wine grapes exist worldwide.

11. It costs around $1 per bottle to age wine in a French oak barrel.

12. It costs around $3 per bottle to age wine in only new French oak barrels.

13. When was the first known reference to a specific wine vintage? Answer: Roman Historian Pliny the Elder rated 121 B.C. as a vintage ?of the highest excellence.?

14. How old was the wine being ?reviewed?? Answer: 200 years old! Pliny the Elder wrote the history of the Roman Empire around 70 A.D.

15. A bottle of opened wine stored in the refrigerator lasts about 6 to 16 times longer than it would if stored at room temp.

16. There are 400 oak species.

17. 20 of them are used in making oak barrels.

18. 5% percent of an oak tree is suitable for making high grade wine barrels.

19. The 1996 grape crop in Napa Valley was down 20% - 25% from normal.

20. California, New York and Florida are the top three U.S. states in terms of wine consumption.

21. 58% percentage of legal-aged Americans contacted in a Nielson phone survey drink wine.

22. 55 percentage of restaurant wine sales are red wines.

23. $2.64 is the average cost of the grapes used to produce a $20 bottle of wine?

24. Dom Perignon (1638-1715), the Benedictine Abbey (at Hautvillers) cellar master who is generally credited with ?inventing? the Champagne making process, was blind.

25. Thomas Jefferson helped stock the wine cellars of the first five U.S. presidents and was very partial to fine Bordeaux and Madeira.

26. To prevent a sparkling wine from foaming out of the glass, pour an ounce, which will settle quickly. Pouring the remainder of the serving into this starter will not foam as much.

27. Old wine almost never turns to vinegar. It spoils by oxidation.

28. In King Tut?s Egypt (around 1300 BC), the commoners drank beer and the upper class drank wine.

29. It is the VERY slow interaction of oxygen and wine that produces the changes noticed in aging wine. It is believed that wine ages more slowly in larger bottles, since there is less oxygen per volume of wine in larger bottles. Rapid oxidation, as with a leaky cork, spoils wine.

30. Before harvest, the canopy of leaves at the top of the vine is often cut away to increase exposure to the sun and speed ripening.

We hope you enjoyed these facts.

Ian Macdonald as founder and owner of Macdonalds Gourmet Burgers combines his passion and knowledge of food, wine and nutrition with savvy business tactics. He is also the MD of a corporate consulting firm that advises on strategic negotiation, dispute resolution and workplace change. Clients are mainly from top 100 corporations. For lots of free resources from their extensive website go to:

Strawberry Wine and More

A Restaurateurs 30 Interesting Wine Facts

As owner of a winery and also a restaurant, I often get asked a lot of questions about wine and also about the wine industry in general. So here are s...

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Strawberry Wine in the news

300 eat, drink & raise money (The Norwich Bulletin)

Thu, 18 Sep 2008 20:31:49 PDT
Jill Sullivan had a plan Thursday as she made her way through the Wine and Roses Festival. “Sip and nibble,” said the Ledyard resident, as she paused in front of one of the 22 tasting tables set up under a white canopy at the Norwich harbor. “The food is wonderful, the wine is wonderful — eating and drinking just go together.”

World-renowned glass maker brings message to Niagara's wine country (St. Catharines Standard)

Thu, 18 Sep 2008 20:26:41 PDT
For some people, a wine glass is just a glass. To Maximilian Riedel, an 11th-generation glass maker, it’s a tool to bring out the depth ...]

More good news for your health (Bangkok Post - Thailand's English news)

Thu, 18 Sep 2008 20:26:00 PDT
More good news for moderate wine drinkers this week. A recent study by the University of California in San Diego (UCSD) shows that people who drink a couple of glasses of red wine on a regular basis are less likely to develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD, than non-drinkers.

Milestone for Tantanoola School

Thu, 18 Sep 2008 17:30:56 PDT
Past and present staff, students and families have been invited to celebrate Tantanoola Primary School’s 125th anniversary from October 4 to 5. The first day of the celebrations will include registration in the school’s art room from 2pm to 5pm and will be followed by a supper from 7pm at the Tantanoola Football Club. The second day will be a family day from 11am and will include a barbecue lunch, while youngsters can enjoy activities such as face painting and fun in the school’s playground.

More good news for your health (Bangkok Post - Thailand’s English news)

Thu, 18 Sep 2008 17:30:05 PDT
More good news for moderate wine drinkers this week. A recent study by the University of California in San Diego (UCSD) shows that people who drink a couple of glasses of red wine on a regular basis are less likely to develop non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD, than non-drinkers. Original post by news - Google News and software by Elliott Back

"Stay away from the honey bear."

Thu, 18 Sep 2008 16:44:52 PDT
Fabulous photo from Life is Special's Etsy shop. I've had an incredibly hectic several weeks, so decided to reward myself for my efforts ('cause no one else will) with a "Honey and Cheese" class last night at the delightful Murray's Cheese (on Bleeker Street in Manhattan), whose little cheesy (in a good way) seminars I highly recommend. Nothing says "Calgon, take me away!" better than a plate of cheese and a couple of glasses of wine at the end of a long day. And...you say you're adding honey to

In Which She Feels Very, Very American - Milan, Lombardy, Italy

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Jump to the full entry & travel map Milan, Lombardy, Italy A couple of weeks ago I took the advice of a fellow expat and registered online as a member of "Democrats Abroad," a pretty self-explanatory sort of organisation. A few days later I received an email invitation to a dinner and conference call with U.S. House Representative Nancy Pelosi at the home of a Democrat living in Milan, and I thought that's be a sweet event to attend so I got the day off from au pairing, found a host for F

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