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Discover Mahogany Wine Racks and Redwood Wine Racks

If you love wine and are looking for a quality wooden wine rack, read on...

Mahogany wine racks are very durable. Mahogany wood is a deep brown with a medium grain making it a relatively hardwood. Mahogany wine racks are one of the basic forms of wine racks. Mahogany, because of its strength, is used to build instant cellars. Most mahogany wineracks are made so that each individual bottle is housed separately. By having one bottle per box or cubby, the bottles are more likely to remain in pristine condition and breakage is kept to a minimum.

Redwood wine racks are similarly strong and durable. However, since redwood is becoming harder and harder to find, the prices for redwood wine racks are significantly higher than mahogany wine racks. Redwood trees are slow growing. The redwood has qualities that most other woods do not, the most significant being the redwood's resisitence to fire. Only the hottest fires will burn a redwood in its natural state. This is one of the reasons redwood trees are among the largest and oldest trees on earth. Tree farms have been producing the necessary materials for redwood furniture for the last several centuries.

Wood wine racks are the original storage unit used with wine. Large scale wineries use floor to ceiling wine racks to store bottle and barrels. Wood is hardy and durable. Moreover, if damaged, they are relatively easy to replace. Redwood is resistant to flames, making it ideal for large companies concerned with safety. Mahogany wine racks are as durable as redwood, but do not have the flame resistant quality; they are available in a range of sizes and prices. Redwood wine racks are also available in a wide selection, tend to be higher in price that mahogany.

Many companies sell mahogany and redwood wine racks. Wood wine racks are one of the most popular and durable of wine racks...but metal wine racks are catching up rapidly in popularity. Wood wine racks generally come unassembled, with detailed instructions, and the necessary hardware to assemble. Many wine racks, especially the tall and instant cellars come with brackets to mount racks to the wall. Mahogany wine racks and redwood wine racks are a great way to store your wine and are both strong and lasting to protect your wine investment and hobby for years to come.

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Discover Mahogany Wine Racks and Redwood Wine Racks

If you love wine and are looking for a quality wooden wine rack, read on...
Mahogany wine racks are very durable. Mahogany wood is a deep brown with a...

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