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January - Italy Wine

Another Great Italy Wine Article

Finding Great Wine Stores and Wine Storage Ideas

There are many ways wine can be stored in a house. You can buy wine racks, have them custom-made to suit your needs, or you can even build a wine cellar for storing wine. Adopting one of these options depends on the amount of wine you have that needs to be stored. If you have a large, sizable collection of wine bottles from all over the world, you might consider building a wine cellar. If, however, you enjoy just a few bottles at a time then simple wine racks will serve the purpose.

The important thing to remember in the context of wine storage is the constant temperature and humidity level to maintain. At high temperatures, wine starts to lose its color, taste and in extreme cases even turn to vinegar. Humidity level is to be maintained to prevent corks from drying out. If corks do dry out it causes the wine to lose its taste prematurely. However, in a cool and dark place, wine tends to last for many years to come.

If you have a basement in your house, you can convert it into a wine cellar. Wine cellars occupy the length of an entire room and can even be used for dining purpose when you have guests around. Wine racks can be built and placed all over the place where wine bottles will be safe and out-of-reach.

Elegant, metallic wine racks can also be hung in the kitchen or dining room. There are many stylish, designer racks available to choose from. They look beautiful when you have many different varieties of wine to show off to your guests. Many racks allow you to assemble them according to your needs. If you need 4, 5 or 6 shelves for your wine bottles, you can always add or subtract one or two shelves to accommodate the number of bottles that keep coming and going.

Have a wonderful wine storage of your own and organize your wine collection to show it off!

Finding Great Wine Stores: When you have a great taste for wine and want to enjoy it with your family and friends, you have to go to a wine store to look for the best wine you can have. Finding a nearest wine store where you can get all kinds of brands is something you need to do. There are so many varieties of wine available at wine stores to choose from. In addition to that, you will also find great wine accessories to go with any kind of brand you love. If you are planning to give a wine basket as a gift, going to a wine store will prove to be very helpful as there will be a wide variety to choose from.

Wine stores have all kinds of wine; red, white, blush and fruit wine to suit your taste. Once you step into a wine store, you are going to get an air full of wonderful and fine wine collected from the best vineyards all over the world. You can even buy wine to have a collection of your own combining different brands together.

There are many online wine stores that let you browse through their collection and buy the ones you want. Most of these websites offer special discounts and many other bonus packages that are very attractive for any wine lover. You can even customize a wine basket and have it delivered to your doorstep to enjoy your favorite wine for many days to come.

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A synopsis on Italy Wine.

Finding Great Wine Stores and Wine Storage Ideas

There are many ways wine can be stored in a house. You can buy wine racks, have them custom-made to suit your needs, or you can even build a wine cell...

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Italy Wine Products we recommend

Riedel Vinum Extreme Cabernet/Merlot/Bordeaux Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

The Riedel Vinum Extreme Wine Glass series pushes the boundaries of glassware. Riedel combines a dazzling oversized bowl with a unique angular look and an extra-tall stem to create a wine glass that is as beautiful to look at as it is to drink from. Vinum Extreme is made of fine crystal and is designed in the incomparable Riedel style to emphasize and enhance the flavors of every wine you drink. The Cabernet / Merlot / Bordeaux wine glass is ideal for full-bodied complex red wines that are higher in alcohol and tannins. The generous size allows the wine to aerate in the glass and the bouquet to develop fully. The shape of the rim directs the flow of the wine to the front palate to enhance sweetness thus accentuating the fruit while softening bitter tannins. Recommended for: Bordeaux (red) Brunello di Montalcino Sangiovese Cabernet Franc. 9 3/4'H 28 1/4 oz. Attention California residents. Proposition 65 WARNING.

Price: 120.00 USD

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Thu, 22 May 2008 12:50:50 -0700
Last Sunday Drink:Eat:Play hosted a Cupcake Challenge at the Montmartre Lounge. The event was sponsored by Fiji Water, K&L Wine Merchants and KozmoDeck. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Our own Lindsay William-Ross and Caroline-on-Crack were on the official judging panel, along with ...]

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