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Wine Appreciation - Fake it 'till you Make It

For many of us, there comes a point in our lives when we grow from random liquor or beer drinkers to wine drinking trainees. There are a few basics for beginning wine drinkers, and I assure you, choosing and drinking wine is most definitely easier than it looks.

With countless options in wine consumption, it is almost impossible to pick a wine you're sure to love. Many of us try our first glass of wine, turn our nose up at it, and ask someone to pass the brewed stuff. The fact of the matter is there are too many wines to choose from to base your opinion on the first you encounter. Do not be afraid to try many wines, and waste a few bottles in your search. Surely I'm not the only one who has opened a bottle of wine, and thrown the entire thing out only lacking four ounces or so. Many people prefer to begin their wine consumption journey with a chardonnay or white zinfandel, as these are lighter, more palatable options. Deeper, darker wines, such as cabernets or merlots are typically "worked up to", but are often appreciated by the assimilated palette. If it's red you're after, begin with a nice pinot noir, as this is one of the lighter choices in red wines.

Believe it or not, choosing the proper wine glass is important. As disappointing as it may be, enjoying your favorite Shiraz just isn't the same from Mom's old Tupperware cups. Choosing a glass that is not only completely clear, but also true crystal will actually enhance the flavor the wine you pick. Not only will it magnify the experience, but you'll appear so much more believable. No one will ever know that you didn't know zinfandel is red.

Your Grandmother may keep that "good cooking wine" in her fridge for decades, but please do not do this. Essentially, Granny is creating vinegar in that old ice box of hers, and this is not what you're aiming for. Depending on the age of the wine, your bottle should be kept from 24 hours to one week, tops, and in the refrigerator at all times. Wine is not only perishable, but the flavor is also greatly affected by oxygen exposure. Corking your wine as soon as you're done pouring will help, but if the wine is over five years old, chances are the flavor will lose some luster after 24 hours. All the more reason to share with your roommate, significant other, or even dear old Grandma.

Have fun, be experimental, and above all, don't take your new hobby as a wine connoisseur too seriously. Wine consumption is all about leisure and relaxation. Take it for what it's worth, and don't be afraid to fake it 'till you make it.

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Wine Appreciation - Fake it 'till you Make It

For many of us, there comes a point in our lives when we grow from random liquor or beer drinkers to wine drinking trainees. There are a few basics fo...

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