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April 2008 - Wine Cabinet

Wine Cabinet For Your Reading Pleasure

Wine Clubs - A Convenient Way to Know Wine

Wine clubs have been sprouting up in recent years as a result of an increased

interest in wine and greater wine consumption. In fact, according to figures

from the Wine Institute, sales of wine in the United States went up four percent

in 2004. Exports of wine by other countries to the U.S. remain steady since

foreign wineries have found the United States to be a lucrative place to do

business. For wine lovers and would-be wine drinkers, joining a wine club would

bring numerous benefits.

Many wine clubs count expert vintners or sommeliers among their members. But

you don't need to be a wine aficionado to be able to join a wine club. A great

many clubs welcome both newbies and experts. They offer much information not

only about various wines out in the market, but also about many wine-related

topics; for instance, which type of wine should be served with a certain entr?e;

or news about the latest goings-on in the wine industry.

Wine clubs offer varying membership programs. For the fee you pay, you will

receive wine selections from vineyards whose offerings meet the club's

standards. Clubs can send you their handpicked selections, or give you the

opportunity to make your own selections. Most clubs usually send two bottles of

wine to each member per month; they can be two bottles of red or two of white,

or one of each. Along with the wine, you will also receive pertinent information

about them, such as the winery where they came from, any awards, publicity or

accolades that have been accorded to the vintner, and a description of the

conditions under which the grapes used in the wine were grown.

Wine club membership offers several other perks. For instance, premium

members are offered the ability to buy wines at discounted prices. If they have

a Wine of the Month program, you can be sure that you'll realize significant

savings from being a member than if you just bought the featured wine at regular

prices. Joining a wine club would be a good investment if you are a regular wine

drinker -- which many people are becoming because of much publicized news about

how regular wine consumption has numerous health benefits. Also, most of the

wine clubs today offer gift membership program, which you can give to people who

would enjoy wine either by itself or with a meal.

Many wine stores or retailers have their own wine clubs, which you can join

for a fee. Some clubs offer open-ended programs, meaning you can cancel your

membership anytime. You should base your wine club choice on several factors.

Are the services they offer worth the rate they are charging? What are their

expert credentials -- do they have wine experts who can give sound wine

recommendations? Do they have additional activities for members, such as wine

tastings or perhaps visits to vineyards? You should evaluate these factors and

more before you select a club to join. There are hundreds of wine club web sites

online, and they provide detailed information on what you get for your


People enjoy the benefit of receiving their wine at their doorstep -- no more

need to zip around to a wine seller's physical location for a bottle of vino.

However, you should remember that most U.S. states have strict laws regarding

the shipping of wine from state to state. Perhaps you might consider choosing a

club that has a branch in your particular state because in such cases the law is

not as strict. This is another factor that you should look at when you are

evaluating which club to join.

You can choose to join a wine club that has international coverage -- one

that features wine produced in the world's most popular winery regions, and

whose membership runs in the thousands -- or you could opt for a smaller, more

specialized wine club, which focuses on only one or two specific wine-producing

regions. Then there are clubs that concentrate on providing only a certain type

of wine, such as red, white, or champagne.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing a wine club

to join. But then, as you can also probably see, there are numerous benefits you

can experience if you choose the right wine club.

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"I tasted the 1996 Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou on four separate occasions from bottle in January. The 1996 is long, with a deep mid-palate. It also reveals tannin in the finish. This dry red wine is remarkable. It is muscular, concentrated, and classic. Bottled in late June, 1998, this French wine exhibits a saturated ruby/purple color, as well as a knock-out nose of minerals, licorice, cassis, and an unmistakable lead pencil smell that I often associate with top vintages of Lafite-Rothschild. It is sweet and full-bodied, yet unbelievably rich with no sense of heaviness or flabbiness. The wine possesses high tannin, but it is extremely ripe, and the sweetness of the black currant, spice-tinged Cabernet Sauvignon fruit is pronounced. This profound, backward Ducru-Beaucaillou is a must purchase. It will be fascinating for readers who own the 1996 to follow the evolution of this exceptional vintage. Anticipated maturity: 2008-2035." RP - 95 (Subject to Availability) DUCR96 DUCR96

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Fri, 11 Apr 2008 20:44:59 PDT
South African Ernie Els Proprietor's red blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 23% Shiraz, 12% Merlot, 5% Cabernet Franc, 5% Petit Verdot and 5% Malbec. 14.5% alcohol. TASTING NOTES: Deep, dark color with black cherry, blackberry and blue fruit on the nose. Very fine tannins. Wonderful blackberry, cassis, black currant, black cherry, wild berries dance on the palate. Hints of smokey bacon, licorice and gorgeous fresh plum on tip of the tongue. Some nice oak on the finish. SCORE & RECOMMENDATION:

Festival tasting varied, delicious (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer)

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Festivals, festivals. This time it's the Miami Wine and Food Festival, pouring wines on Thursday from 60 makers in the courtyard of the elegant shopping mall Villages of Merrick Place in Coral Gables. The walk-around tasting had a marvelous selection.

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Festivals, festivals. This time it's the Miami Wine and Food Festival, pouring wines on Thursday from 60 makers in the courtyard of the elegant shopping mall Villages of Merrick Place in Coral Gables. The walk-around tasting had a marvelous selection. There was Sonador, the wine by the company called Two Crazy Couples - they being Miami neurosurgeon Sergio Gonzalez-Arias, his wife, Maria, and ...

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Wine Seller - Glasgow Daily Record

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Douglas Green Cabernet Sauvignon £4.98, Waitrose A medium to fullbodied wine with flavours of cassis and ripe black berries that enhances the enjoyment of ...

Argentinan malbecs: Great wine, great value - Seattle Times

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Dark and juicy, with lots of tart, tangy berry, cassis, whiffs of smoke and finishing flavors of astringent rock, sweet toast and tobacco. ...

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