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Wine And Cheese Baskets

A popular gift during the holiday season or at exclusive events is the wine and cheese basket. The combination is as old as time, and wins hearts and favors with ease. It indicates a sophisticated palate and a superior appreciation for the good things of life.

Selecting the right wine and cheese is as much a matter of personal preference as of the area from which they are produced. Usually, the amalgam from a particular location works best and saves you much time and trouble while giving. However, when it comes to experimenting with the two, there are myriad styles to adventure with.

Made with as much care and artistry as wine, cheese is a product of careful craft and ingenuity. Prepared from cow, sheep, goat or yak's milk, cheese can be fresh, poached, or hard; with a washed, flourished or natural rind, and melted or cured. Cheese can even be spiced up or enfolded in leaves for new aromas to sink in. Farm cheeses or industrial cheeses come in various flavors and blends that easily match the complexity and varieties of wine produced in the world. It is the painstakingly produced cheese from exclusive farms that are most popular (and expensive).

Red wine usually teams up with most cheeses. Fresh cream cheeses are heady with most white wines and some delicate red wines. Red and white wine work well with goat's milk cheese. Camembert, Brie and other such ripening soft cheeses thrive with fine white wines or fruity reds. Soft and semi-hard cheeses blend well with champagne or sweet sherry. Washed rind cheese integrates best with that region's red wines or stronger whites, while lush semi-aged ones resonate with ros? or local wines. Cheeses like Parmesan, Cheddar or other hard, aged cheeses brilliantly highlight red wines, sweet dessert wines and port. Blue cheeses favor vintage port, as well as strong reds and some whites.

Budgetary, seasonal and personal preferences can lead you to the right choice in cheese baskets. Standard wine and cheese baskets combine spaces for the two items, besides including wine glasses, light crockery, napkins, a cutting board and a cheese knife. Special designer baskets include the perfect wine and cheese combo, crackers and light snacks, exclusive linen and wine accessories.

Everybody is entitled to some fun and relaxation. Whether it's earthy, lively or velvety, savor the wine, nibble the cheese and pamper your taste buds. That's the idea of a wine and cheese basket - that, and to raise the pleasure element that much higher!

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