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October - International Wine

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Take a Wine-Tasting Tour While Yachting

Just think of it, the world of opulence and leisure: Youre on a luxury yacht. Youre sailing the ocean blue, not a care in the world. Youre being served a taste of different varietals of fine wines by waiters wearing white gloves and tuxedos with tails. Youre catching the scintillating scent of fresh sea air from your overstuffed chaise lounge on the yachts deck. Strawberries dipped in chocolate and truffles glide by on gleaming sterling-silver trays.

And guess what? Its not a dream! This can really happen to you! A wine-tasting tour on a luxury yacht is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities any true wine connoisseur surely wouldnt want to pass up.

From the bright, sensuously sweet taste of chardonnay to a fuller cabernet blanc (for white wine aficionados) to a full-bodied, cherry-and-oak flavored merlot or pinot noir (for those who favor the reds,), youll enjoy sailing while dreamily sipping succulent wines on a special wine-tasting yacht tour set up to make you feel freshly pampered and safe.

Your yacht captain and crew will be fully trained in specialty tours like this one, and theyll be on hand to cater to your every whim, allowing you to sample wines from all over the world, testing your taste buds to the limit. Youll also learn how different varietals are made, processed, and stored until they reach their best-aged perfection. The delicacy of wine-making will be an education from start to finish, usually complete with a tour through the yachts wine cellar.

Usually, parties of 20 to 50 guests are on board most yachts specializing in wine-tasting, and you can be sure your meals will be well-coordinated to match the wine offerings.

The only questions you need bother answering are where and when you want to take your wine-tasting yachting trip. The Baltic, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean will definitely beckon, while some will want to stay closer to home base, just off the California coast.

For anyone whos ever wanted to book a decadent, theme-packed cruise on a luxury yacht, this just skims the surface of all the indulgent experiences youll remember for years to come and youll likely make several friends who are along for the ride!

For more information, see www.onlyforyachts.com.

About The Author

David Dunlap is the owner and founder of Only For Yachts, an online resource for everything related to yachts. Visit http://onlyforyachts.com to get information on yacht charters, yachts for sale and also sign up for the free yachting newsletter.


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Take a Wine-Tasting Tour While Yachting

Just think of it, the world of opulence and leisure: Youre on a luxury yacht. Youre sailing the ocean blue, not a care in the world. Youre being serve...

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