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Thursday 10/09/08 - Wine Stains

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Knowing Australian Wines

Drink the wine that you like.

Sounds obvious, doesn't it? Sometimes, however, we get so caught up in what is the right wine and what is the wrong wine that we forget the most important thing: we have taste! We have our own individual taste and love drinking the wine we love to drink. Sure, certain wines traditionally match certain foods and flavors, but ultimately you are the judge of what you like to drink, no matter what the enologists say!

Australian wines are made from a careful perfection of fermentation and patience to produce great tasting wine. The country's vast land produces different kinds of wines where tasting each wine makes it harder to believe that they were made from the same country.

Here are the different types of Australian wines that are most popular on the market today:

1. White wines have extraordinary and a unique taste that still stands out among the others. They vary in color based from what part of the country they were made. Since Australia is an enormous country, temperature may vary too, which produces Australian white wines that vary in different color hues of yellow when poured in a glass. The deeper the hue, the richer the flavor is. The technique of swirling the glass around and sniffing it will give you a faint smell of fully ripened grapes.

2. Red wines have an unbeatable classic taste. The countries different climate conditions produce different Red wine tastes. Warmer climate regions produce more flavorful, richer and warmer tastes. While cooler climate regions produce lighter, cooler and more delicate tastes.

3. Fortified wines have a longer process of fermentation compared to any other variety of wine. It is usually blended with brandy to emphasize the wine's alcohol taste. This process will also help retain the flavor and color of the wine. The concentration of flavor and aromatic smell depends on the number of decades it was left to mature. Warm climate regions of the country usually have an advantage in producing fortified wines.

4. Dessert wines are distinguished in their textures. Its a honey-like and glutinous texture that is made by a natural occurring fungus. These natural fungus draw in moisture, which causes the increase in sugar concentration, acidity and fruit flavor. The wine is best served along with fruit desserts, blue and soft cheese that balances acidity and creates an excellent taste.

Australian wine makers are grasping the fast and dynamic technology to produce a world-class variety of wines. They are using their expertise and variety of techniques to satisfy consumers and introduce them to a whole new taste experience.

White with fish, red with meat? Not always.

Everyone knows that fish meals should be accompanied by white wine and meat dishes should be accompanied by red wine. But adhering to strict wine rules takes the fun out of choosing wines. Trust your own sense of taste. A wine should do one of two things: complement or contrast. Not all fish dishes are cooked in the same way, so why should they all be accompanied by white wine? Consider the dish, the way it is cooked, the spices and seasonings added, and then choose a wine that complements those elements or contrasts, that is if you want a more intense experience.

Learn the art of Wine Tasting

Art of Wine Tasting.

Learn the art of Wine Tasting

A synopsis on Wine Stains.

Knowing Australian Wines

Drink the wine that you like.

Sounds obvious, doesn't it? Sometimes, however, we get so caught up in what is the right wine and what is the wrong ...

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