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March 2009 - Wine Varieties-

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The Italians taught the English how to make wine.

You can't eat them but you can make a lovely wine out of elderberries though, if you know how. You certainly would not fancy eating a raw English elderberry, sloe, quintz or indeed many of the other multifarious ingredients English wine makers transform into their "wine". To be quite honest nor would I, but many people do drink the wine.

Not even 20% of home made wines in England are even "just about drinkable" to someone who has grown up in the lands of the grapevines; some, around 10% don't give you a massive chemical hangover; some are quite nice but too new; but around 5% are really very pleasantly wine-like. The Romans used to do the same.

Many people nowadays get a taste for the chemicals (if they drink a lot of home-made wine) and so don't notice them, whilst if one is not used to the taste it's horrid. Some, but very few, wine-makers at home never use chemicals or clearing mediums. They just wait until it's ready. The Romans used to do the same.

The chemical user will go to the supermarket and get his Pack of "home made wine", with all the instructions as to how to carry out this chemical process in the least possible time and to gain the maximum alcohol advantage out of the finished item (I hesitate to call it wine). It will taste disgusting but will certainly pack a punch. Many Romans used to do similar.

Romans far from home in England had to improvise their wine. No grapes? We will have to make some wine out of local fruit, and at the same time plant some vineyards. So the noble art of wine-making was taken to England. Well, actually, that's entirely wrong. The locals had been making wine for a few thousand years, although they, as today, were considered a Nation of beer drinkers, "wine" was made from berries.

When you put a bit of honey or sugar into a pot of fruit it will ferment from the natural yeast in the fruit. If the fruit has a high sugar (fructose) content then it will ferment itself, but if like elderberries the fruit is bitter and with a low fructose content it will need a bit of a helping hand from sugar and yeast. The Romans, when they invaded Britain, brought with them the ability to make much better wine than the English.

However, even the best Roman wine made without grapes was not as good as the "real thing", so English vineyards were started and the Romans taught the English how to make wine properly. Decent grapes really don't need sugar or yeast, as these are in the fruit itself.

Of course English wine, even 2000years ago, was not as good as Italian wine, but it certainly cheered up many a Roman soldier consigned to the freezing wastes of Hadrian's Wall. However, when they returned to Rome after a few years service they didn't bother to take any elderberry wine with them. They were going home to the real thing.

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Thoughts about Wine Varieties

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Wine Varieties Items For Viewing

Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Storage and Physical Survival

A complete guide to emergency preparedness for our uncertain times. Virtually an encyclopedia of food storage and personal preparedness, it covers topics from exactly how to design a food storage program tailored for your particular family to growing and preserving food, storing fuel, alternate energy, emergency evacuation kits, medical and dental, surviving biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism, communications, selection of firearms and other survival tools, and preparing for earthquakes.

Dozens of detailed, expert checklists and tables with photographs and index. Extensive book and resource lists with regular and Internet addresses. An absolute must for those serious about preparing for and surviving during our dangerous times.

Customer Review: Very good book for it's intended audience

While this book is not SAS Survival Handbook: How to Survive in the Wild, in Any Climate, on Land or at Sea it is a good book to help you be prepared for a crisis.

Food storage, Water sources, survival tools, etc.

It is a great balance from what appears to be a normal person, not someone who lives in a biodome trying to relive the 60's, nor the guy that wears an ammo belt on his person, hoping for the end to come. Which should comfort most people.

Good balance of information and provides a valuable baseline, should an emergency present itself.

Customer Review: Lots of Information

There is a LOT of information in this book. I would dare to say almost too much. It's not very easy to distill things down into more consumable chunks. There is a lot of emphasis on food storage and not quite as much as I would have hoped on "survival skills".

To me, it seems to be geared more towards a "catastrophic disaster" or "end of the world" type scenario. And for that purpose, this is a great resource.
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Mille Lacs Gourmet Foods Wine Bottle Tray Gift Set

More product information

Fra Mani Handcrafted Salumi Salametto Dry Salami

Fra' Mani Handcrafted Salametto Dry Salami. Reknowned Chef Paul Bertolli started Fra' Mani in 2006, in Berkeley, California. Fra'mani creates these wonderful salamis in the fines Italian traditions. Chef Bertolli uses only the highest quality all natural pork available. All pork used is from family farms who have a passion and concern for the animals they raise. The hogs are never given anitbiotics, or growth inducing hormone or agents and fed only the highest quality grains and natural feed.
Salametto is a small coarse ground, rich, full flavored salami. Great for snacking or picnics. The salami is about 2 inches in diameter and 12 inches long. approx. 12 - 14 ounces in weight.

Customer Review: It has a very strong, bad smell.

In short, it stinks. It's coated with mold on the outside of the casing which may be the cause of the smell. It's chewier, and less salty than American styled salami, which is good. It tasted okay, good even. Not $16.99 good though. Eating pork in any form is an event for me, but I was curious based on the reviews. Curiosity is satisfied, I would not order it again.

Customer Review: Top Notch Dry Sausage

WOW, WOW, WOW, this is the Best Dry Sausage/Salami I have ever had in my Life!! This is the BEST, and I have tried them from throughout the whole of Europe!! I have traveled all over the world and have tasted these from Peru to Italy and you can feel very confident with buying this product. I am a collector and connoisseur of Fine Dry Cured Sausages. This is one of the absolute best I have ever tasted, and is a "must try" for any Dry Cured Sausage enthusiast. I will be purchasing these amazing cured meats, for as long as they sell them...

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Pedrini Wine & Bar Ice Tongs, Stainless Steel

Delivering a refreshing chill to any beverage, these compact tongs from Pedrini safely transport cubes with ease. The face of each arm features two, 1-1/8-inch rows of triangular teeth to help grip ice. The arms themselves--extending 6-1/2 inches in length--feature ridged exterior surfaces for a comfortable, slip-free hold. Constructed of 18/10 stainless steel, the U-shaped gadget displays a contemporary design with polished shine. Measuring 6-1/2 by 3/4 by 2 inches, this Italian-made tool cleans safely in the dishwasher, and comes with a lifetime warranty. -- Amy Arnold

Customer Review: The Perfect Tongs!

I bought these as a gift to go along with the Lenox Tuscany Ice Bucket and I must say they are the perfect tongs. Everyone who uses them can not get over how well the teeth hold onto the ice cubes. They allow for a fast and clean transfer of ice from the bucket to the drinking glass!
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News about Wine Varieties

Electronic Tongue Tastes Wine Variety, Vintage

Tue, 12 Aug 2008 14:08:16 -0700
...the device is made up of six sensors which detect substances characteristic of a certain wine variety. Components such as acid, sugar and alcohol can be measured by this detection, and from these parameters it can determine the age and variety of the wine.

Water Is the New Wine at Restaurant

Thu, 07 Aug 2008 18:21:07 -0700
SYDNEY, Australia (Aug. 7) - Water is the new wine at a top-notch Sydney restaurant offering health-conscious customers "bold" or "velvety" varieties which can cost as much as some vintages.

Top 10 Restaurants in Paris

Wed, 06 Aug 2008 09:23:15 -0700
When many think Paris they think of pastimes like the Eiffel Tower, wine, the Louvre and food -- quite possibly in that very order. There are countless restaurants with endless menu options and wine varieties. Here are ten favorites that consistently stay on lists and promise to satisfy your palette in ways you never imagined.

Electronic Tongue: A Taste Of Our Cyborg Future?

Tue, 05 Aug 2008 06:50:51 -0700
European scientists have developed an advanced electronic tongue that is so sensitive, it can detect the grape variety and vintage of your favourite wine. All at the press of a button.

Electronic Tongue Determines Wine Grape Variety And Vintage

Mon, 04 Aug 2008 17:14:05 -0700
You no longer need a snooty wine expert to identify a ’74 Pinot Noir from Burgundy – a handheld “electronic tongue” devised by European scientists will tell you the grape variety and vintage at the press of a button.

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