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October 10, 2008 - International Wine

Another Great International Wine Article

Quality Racks For Your Wine Collection

Visit during off season. November through May is an excellent time. You might be only one of the few guests all day, so the staff can give you some extra time.

Drinking wine has become a way of life for many people, not just for those who live in countries with very cold seasons. It has became a must-have for health-conscious people who acknowledge the advantages of drinking wine regularly. Wine has become a staple drink during parties and even during the family meal.

Wines are classified depending on the type of grapes they are made from, and the area or location of the vineyard. Wine has become a global business and it can be sourced from anywhere in the world. California and France are among the best locations to grow wine grapes.

Families that are in the habit of serving good wine during family meals have found a way to build their own collection. Some even have cellars built exclusively for keeping their wine.

While not all good wines are expensive, there are very good wines that are priced above the regular wines. No matter how they are classified, the choice of wine depends on the taste of the collector or the drinker.

Learn the art of Wine Tasting

Wine collectors should keep their wine collection in wine storage racks, if only to have them ready and available for family and guests. There are plenty of websites that offer different kinds of wine racks. Of course, you can always personally scout around for quality wine racks but if you are too busy to do that, you can make your fingers do the walking and search for wine rack suppliers on the internet.

Internet sites selling wine racks offer then in all varieties and designs, from wood to metal. Some offer discounts and even free delivery of the items. There are sites that offer ready-made wine racks while others allow for some modifications on the designs depending on the buyer.

The nose, knows. Try not to use too much perfume or aftershave. The aroma of the wine is half the fun of tasting.

When buying wine racks, choose one that isn't just attractive or aesthetic for you but also a rack that is strong, functional and can fit your available space for wine storage. Ready-made wine racks can be shipped immediately while made to order wine racks may take some time to produce.

A good quality wine rack doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to create. People who are creative opt to build their own wine racks. This way, they don't just save on the cost of buying one, but they also get the fulfillment of having created their own wine rack.

Before building your own wine rack, you have to decide on the materials you are going to use as well as the design. Make sure you don't over-estimate your capabilities and choose a design that is too complicated. The design should also be able to accommodate all shapes of wine bottles when placed horizontally on the racks. Storing the wine with the bottle neck pointed up will make it easy for you to read the label when getting your winning supply.

To test for a really good wine, swirl it around the glass. Legs or tears are what is left trickling down the glass after swirling. The stickier and longer the legs the better the quality.

Join Wine Tasting Party.

Wine Tasting for beginners

Thoughts about International Wine

Quality Racks For Your Wine Collection

Visit during off season. November through May is an excellent time. You might be only one of the few guests all day, so the staff can give you some ex...

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News about International Wine

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Thu, 09 Oct 2008 15:03:26 PDT
SONOMA – 08/09/08 – California-based vintner Bronco Wine has forged a deal with Legacy Wine and Spirits International to export a selection of its varietal Hacienda label wines to China.

Katz and Company Artisinal Vinegars

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Supplying a dizzying array of gustatory delights, from honeys and preserves to oils and vinegars, the California-based Katz and Company has a culinary history stretching back over thirty years. Katz's Late Harvest Zinfandel AgroDolce Vinegar is a delightfully sweet and sour elixir, as the term AgroDolce will suggest. Made from 100% North Coast Zinfandel, the vinegar is characterized both by a jammy finish and a pronounced zing that linger equally on the palate. I've found their Champagne Vin

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STAMFORD - The Rizzis belong to the kind of Italian family that won't let guests leave until they have eaten a plate of lasagna and fresh tomato salad or sampled from a wine glass of their own label.

Wine Time (The Augusta Chronicle)

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- Wine dinner at Bistro 491, 6:30 p.m.; three-course dinner with appetizers and matching wines, $50; call Ninth Street Wine Market for reservations, (706) 724-1442

WBW 50: Which wine, which wilderness?

Wed, 08 Oct 2008 18:47:28 PDT
Wine Blogging Wednesday rolls around again with a theme from Russ, the Wine Hiker, of “Which wine, which wilderness.” Sounds pretty straightforward… which wine would you bring on a hike near where you live. The only problem is, I don’t hike. It’s not that I don’t like hiking, I do, but rarely get on the trail these days here in Minnesota. I like walking and it is my exercise of choice but it’s usually done in my suburban neighborhood or around one of the many lakes in the Twin Cities. Rarely h

Wine Racks


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