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A Guide To Wine and Glass Racks

Wine and glass racks are an essential addition to any wine drinker's home. With housing prices skyrocketing, smaller homes are becoming a way of life. Storage issues can be troublesome, but not if you are smart. Out of the box thinking habits can help increase tricky space issues, while still allowing you to create a wine lover's haven under your own roof. Wine and glass racks are the answer to space issues.

Why waste valuable cupboard space with a variety of bulky and unusually sized wine glasses? Many of today's kitchens offer fewer cupboards and more additions. It is not uncommon to have built-in garbage can cupboards or sliding spice racks.

However, these additions replace utility cupboards. While your garbage and recyclable containers are neatly stored away, there is a lack of room for foods, cans, plates, bowls, coffee mugs, and drinking glasses. Storage for wine glasses becomes an issue. Purchasing wall wine racks with glass holders is a creative way to combine storage for those oddly shaped glasses while including placement for a few bottles of wine as well, all the while being pleasing to the eye.

Wine and glass racks are available in many styles. Cabinet models, ceiling hung racks, and floor racks all exist; however, the cabinet or floor racks take up valuable floor space while ceiling hung racks can only handle a certain amount of weight.

Better options are wall wine racks with glass holders. These stylish racks are usually made of cast iron or stainless steel and mount on the wall. Models are available in wood, but they usually lack the space offered by a metal rack. Wall mounted wine racks add flair to your kitchen while providing ample wine glass and wine bottle storage.

Wall wine racks with glass holders contain seven rows of holders that allow the base of the wine glass to rest gently on the holders. The wine glasses hang upside down keeping dust and other contaminates out of the glass. Each row holds three glasses allowing up to twenty-one glasses to be stored on the wine and glass racks. Above the wine glasses is a metal-framed shelf. The shelf is capable of holding seven bottles of wine that are all safely stored on their sides. This action keeps the corks moist creating a perfectly scrumptious bottle of wine every time.

When kitchen storage is an issue, it makes sense to use the space wisely. Hanging wall mounted wine and glass racks is not only smart, but it also adds an aesthetic flair to the surroundings.

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A Guide To Wine and Glass Racks

Wine and glass racks are an essential addition to any wine drinker's home. With housing prices skyrocketing, smaller homes are becoming a way of life....

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