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A Look At American Wineries, It's More Than Just California

Wine is produced in all 50 states in the US. While California accounts for the majority of American wine production (followed by Washington State, New York State, and Oregon), there are many wineries spread all over throughout the United States that are worth visiting.

Finding a Winery

There are many sites online that can help assist you in finding the perfect winery to visit. All American Wineries is one great resource, as it lists wineries, the states they are in, and shares people's opinions/reviews on some of the wineries. Looking online helps you find smaller wineries, which do not share large-advertising budgets to get their name out, but could be just what you're looking for.

If you are traveling spur-the-moment, or do not have internet access, you can check the phone book, or simply ask around, many smaller wineries are well-known to people around town.

Wineries tend to utilize the type of grape that is grown in their region. Because of this, wines have a unique taste and zest, specific to location. Those producing this wine generally have taste for what best compliments their wine. In effect, you can go to almost any winery and have a completely unique experience!

Contrary to popular belief, wineries do not have to be located near a vineyard, because grapes can be shipped in, and because wine can be made of other fruits and plants. Specialty wineries are also located in the US (although they are less common). Some different types of wine: dandelion wine, apple wine, strawberry wine.

Wineries offer many different activities, but they are usually special events that happen occasionally. If you are looking to pursue one of these events (like sample wine from wineries all over the world), you might have to do more extensive research. You can find what you're looking for by calling different wineries and asking if and when they are doing something of the sort, or by simply looking more extensively online.

Winery Activities

Different wineries offer different experiences, taste-wise, and activity-wise. There are constantly different festivals and events occurring (depending on season, location, and reason). Some wineries offer private tours of the valley, wine facility tours, catered lunches, taste-testing, live music, and other activities to pursue during your time there.


If you cannot decide which winery to pursue based on information about the winery, you might want to consider traveling by location. This is a realistic possibility as there are wineries scattered all around the US. For example, if you might want to do more than check out the winery, you could chose your winery according to whether or not you want to ski, surf, or shop.

There is an anonymous quote saying "life is too short to drink bad wine", and by doing your own research and not settling for the most-advertised, or most convenient winery, you are certain to find a perfect wine, and have a wonderful time doing so.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Fruit Baskets and Wine at http://www.fruitandwinebaskets.com

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