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2008 - Stemware Rack

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Take A Trip Into Fantasia At The Cape Winelands

It's easy to forget you're that you're still in South Africa while standing with your feet on the plush green valleys of the Cape Winelands. The historical backdrop of gabled Cape Dutch villa's and leafy vineyards creates a setting like something from a fantasy flick. Stellenbosch, Paarl, Wellington, Franschhoek and Pniel are home to the finest and most distinguished wines of the world, it's hard to believe it's only a 45 minute drive away from Cape Town.

The Cape Winelands currently ranks as the most prominent wine-producing location in the Western Cape. It boasts a collection of more than 200 cellars each heaving with century old bottles of classics. It's no wonder many tourists still refer to the winelands as South Africa's best kept secret.

The Famous Four

Enclosed by a mountain valley and dazzling scenery, Stellenbosch boasts a picturesque view of the Cape Winelands. It is the second oldest town in the country and many of the historical effigies can still be found present in the town today. The Toy and Miniature Museum has become a trademark for the fruitful town being the only one of its kind in South Africa. On your list of wine estates to visit be sure to add Spier right at the very top, it's a popular one and certainly a must see!

The aforementioned Afrikaans Language Monument is situated in Paarl along the 2km stretch of the Main Road. A mere 56km stretch from Cape Town, Paarl is the town rich in both architectural beauty and natural scenery. Paarl landed its name after a huge granite boulder rock, known as The Paarl Mountain, which overlooks the town.

Everything creative, artistic and culinary is best done in Franschoek. It's the town to stop at when you hungry for some rich cuisine and gourmet cheese. While driving into Franschoek you are able to see the spectacular Simonsberg and Wemmershoek Mountains. And yes, it's in Franschoek that our delicious Simonsberg creamy cheese spread originates from.

Wellington is synonymous with the scenic Bain's Kloof Pass. The Pass links Wellington to Ceres and the long, twisty road provides you with a breath-taking view of the large, open valleys.

Recreation At The Cape Winelands

Summers are always the most blissful times at the winelands. Fruit picking tours are open to the public and visitors are encouraged to leisurely pick their own strawberries, grapes, cherries or peaches fresh from the vineyards. And there are absolutely no limitations, as long as you pay for what you pick. After the tour your pickings are weighed and you can pay for it per kg. What better time to experience the true lifestyle than in summer when all the fruit are fresh, ripe and juicy.

Take a captivating trip into the distant past as you peep into the lifestyle of those who walked the oak-lined streets of Stellenbosch before you. If you're a history buff you might want to make a stop at the Hugenot Memorial Monument and Afrikaans Language Monument, they're rich in fascinating facts and sculptures of the winelands' colourful history. You'll learn some intriguing details like who founded the winelands, the first wine cellar and how the names for the villages were chosen.

But tours to the vibrant little villages are not all there is to do in the countryside. The winelands are surrounded by oodles of outdoor museums, open-air theaters and imaginative arts and crafts galleries that catches the eye of many a tourist.

Adventure also doesn't lie far back. Hiking, mountain biking, surfing, canoeing, abseiling and kloofing are just a few of the stunts the locals get up to in their leisure time. Go game viewing at one of the many game reserves at the winelands or make a splash in a tranquilizing rock pool, or if you really want to get the feel of the countryside in your bloodstream then hop right onto a horse-back safari tour for your own exploration pleasure.

Wining and Dining

How does sweet strawberry wine and creamy camembert spread nice and thick on a light, crisp cracker sound? The chef's in this beautiful place certainly know what they're doing when it comes to cooking. Some of the best restaurants in the country are located in the Cape Winelands and three of the country's top ten restaurants are based in Franschoek. You will be tempted to indulge when you've first treated your taste-buds to first-rate South African cuisine ranging from exotic buffets to conventional meals and home-made cheeses. Everything's a dish!

The Cape Winelands has become one of the best places to visit for tourists. It's the superb natural splendor, the rich cultural heritage and the world famous distinguished wines that make the Cape Winelands equivalent to all the best that South Africa has to offer.

About the Author

Villa Grande offers warm-hearted http://www.villa-grande.com/ guest house accommodation in Stellenbosch and is situated in the historic centre of the town in the beautiful Cape winelands(http://www.villa-grande.com).

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Take A Trip Into Fantasia At The Cape Winelands

It's easy to forget you're that you're still in South Africa while standing with your feet on the plush green valleys of the Cape Winelands. The histo...

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Recommended Stemware Rack Items

Domaine de Jaugaret St. Julien

The Fillastre family has owned this small property in Bourdeaux sin 1654. The Domaine has some of the oldest vines in St. Julien - some of the Malbec vines are well past 100 years old. Mr Fillastre usually ages his wine, which is made from 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot and 5% Malbec, in oak barrells for 28 months to 3 years creating a huge wine! When asked to describe his wine Mr. Fillastre says, "It is good." We on the other hand describe this French wine as having a brilliant ruby color with a nose of ripe burnt fruit and spice along with coffee and tobacco. The palate has richness, structure with wonderful finesse and elegance. We believe this dry red wine is a truly great find for our customers. Great gift! DJSJ00 DJSJ00

Price: 89.99 USD

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Monday 09/08/08 - California Wineries

A Featured California Wineries Article

A Glimpse at Popular Wine Makers

For centuries now, vintners and great wine makers have been tirelessly fermenting grapes, other fruits and flowers to produce the wine that is served at feasts, parties and dinner tables. Cultivating an appreciation of wine is a growing trend in the US. Shops specializing in wine are appearing throughout the country, not just in the traditional vineyard regions of California, Oregon, and Virginia. People who may not have grown up around wine are now drawn not only to sampling but also to collecting it. Tasting parties and special wine pairing events are a common theme in restaurants and in the home. With this comes an increase in interest in home storage. While proper storage can help wines become even more exquisite, improper storage can lead to ruined wine.

There are thousands of varieties or types of wine to choose from. White, sparkling, red or rose wine are just some of the ?colors? that you can choose from.

Wine making is a very lucrative venture because there is a worldwide market. France, Italy, Australia, Spain, Chile and the United States have their share of the worldwide market and are the leading countries which export and produce wine.

Meanwhile, South Africa, Argentina, Portugal and Germany aren't far behind.

California is the state which boasts the most of wine producers in the US. Vineyards are mostly found in Sonoma Valley, Monterey, Paso Robles, Santa Ynez and Napa Valley.

Here are just some of the popular wine makers in the country:

1. Greenvale Vineyards & Winery

This vineyard is located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. They produce red and white wines located from grapes which are locally grown. Chardonnays and Cabernets are produced from the fertile soils of Greenvale Vineyards.

2. The Mount Pleasant Winery

Located north of St. Louis in Augusta, the Mount Pleasant Vineyards and Winery produces the best wine out of quality grapes. With Chambourcin grapes, a Nouveau-like wine is aged and fermented. Chambourcin is a type of red grape grown mostly in states located on the East.

3. Domaine Drouhin

Located in the Red Hills of the Dundee in Oregon, this vineyard claims a sense of history since it is owned by the Drouhin family. Their wine has received worldwide recognition due to class and quality. The Pinot Noir wines that they produce have the distinct flavors of berries and vanilla for an exquisite taste.

Learn the art of Wine Tasting

4. Savannah Chanelle Vineyards

Located in the mountains of Santa Cruz in California, the Savannah Chanelle vineyards produce Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is mostly produced in the vast vineyards of Savannah Chanelle and are on the top of the list when it comes to this type of wine.

5. Chappellet Winery

California, being the wine-producing state in the US, includes the Napa Valley region.

This is where the Chappellet Winery is located and they produce Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. This winery produces wines which undergo as little processing as possible.

6. Sanford Winery

This vineyard is located in Buellton, California in the Santa Ynez valley. They make Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

When deciding which wine to serve your family, consider the bottles produced by such popluar wine makers and you can't go wrong.

Art of Wine Tasting.

Wine Tasting for beginners

California Wineries and More

A Glimpse at Popular Wine Makers

For centuries now, vintners and great wine makers have been tirelessly fermenting grapes, other fruits and flowers to produce the wine that is served ...

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Featured California Wineries Items

Ch La Fleur du Casse St Emilion Grand Cru

The town of St. Emilion is one of the greatest wine centers on the planet. Located on the Right Bank of Bordeaux's two great rivers, the Garonne and Dordogne, this medieval town provides an historical account of a region with its magnificent church and underground catacombs. St Emilion is also the region where wine critics believe Merlot proves its nobility. The sandy loam vineyards along the river provides some of the best "terroir" in the world for this famous grapes. This Grand Cru from La Fleur du Casse is a prototypical example by sporting a deep red color with violet highlights and a heady nose of red cassis. Full and round on the palate with a surprising amount of tannin, Chateau La Fleur du Casse is a HUGE dry red wine will last a decade and satisfy the most discriminating palate. This Merlot is a great gift from France! CLFC02 CLFC02

Price: 74.99 USD

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