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Wine Gift Baskets - The Perfect Gift if Done Right

As a housewarming gift, or holiday offering, wine gift baskets make a great gift. There's so much more to wine consumption than a bottle of wine resting in a basket of raffia, however. Spice up your wine gift baskets with some nifty additions that will wow your recipient, and feed your creativity.

Choosing a bottle of wine for your wine gift baskets can be overwhelming. A good rule of thumb is to choose a bottle of wine that you enjoy. If you are not a wine lover, choose a wine that is bottled locally or in an area nearby for your wine gift basket. Supporting local growers is always appreciated. You may want to consider the season and pick your wine for your wine gift basket accordingly.

Consider including wine glasses in wine gift baskets. There are some who believe certain wines should be paired with certain types of glasses, but for a typical wine drinker, the standard is a clear, crystal glass. A matching set of four may serve as a nice set, but for a more intimate wine gift basket, include two glasses, suggesting the bottle be shared by a couple.

Dress up your glasses in your wine gift baskets with wine charms. These charms, placed at the base of the stem, not only dress up your glasses, (and your wine gift baskets), but also serve as a way of labeling which glass belongs to who. Have fun when building wine gift baskets, and pick charms that will add fun and flair to the wine gift baskets you are delivering.

While cheese is probably not the best option to put into a wine gift basket, chocolate is. Although there are cheeses that have been preserved and do not require refrigeration, they are not exactly the picture of class and certainly will not flow with the class your wine gift baskets will exude. Chocolate is an old friend of wine, and they compliment each other nicely. Select exotic, gourmet chocolates for your wine gift baskets, and don't be afraid to splurge. A little bit of fabulous chocolate goes a long way, so go for it! Wine gift baskets are an elegant gift, and are deserving of the "good stuff".

Have fun creating your wine gift baskets. Wrap them in quality materials, and adorn them with colorful, striking bows. Deliver your wine gift basket with love, and take pride in sharing carefully selected items with those you love.

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