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December 26, 2008 - Red Wine

Red Wine For Your Reading Pleasure

Choosing Wine Cellar Accessories

There are a number of nifty items and gadgets that can help
you organize, maintain and enjoy your wine cellar. For those
of you that have a larger wine cellar, keeping track of what
is added or removed from the collection can be a pain. One
can use either a paper record keeping system, or jump into
the twenty first century and incorporate some electronic
record keeping system.

Barcode readers are a wonderful way to keep track of the
different wines that are added to or removed from your
wine cellar. "But what kinds of electronic barcode reading
contraptions will I need to buy in order to use a barcode
system?", you may ask. It's really very simple. There are very
easy to use plug and play barcode readers that can plug
right into the USB port of your computer.

USB barcode scanners typical run between $120-$175 USD
and can automatically discriminate between all the popular
bar codes. You can use your own barcode tags or input any
required information to use the barcodes already located on
each bottle of wine. When it's time to uncork or add a new
bottle of wine to your collection, simply point the barcode
scanner at the barcode label and pull the trigger to update
your records.

Printable wine tags are another must have wine cellar
accessory. These tags come on a sheet that can be fed into
your inkjet printer. You can create your own custom layout
or notes, as well as include a barcode if you so desire. There
are also regular hand written wine bottle tags that can be
more affordable if you do not need to be able to print the
wine bottle tags on your printer.

If you require a tag system that is more durable than paper
wine bottle tags, there are also heavy duty plastic wine
bottle tags that fit securely over the neck of the bottle.
These can be reused as needed and will last for years and
years. These types of wine bottle tags can be written on
with any felt tip pen or a dry erase board marker.

If you'd like a ready-to-go wine bottle tag with custom
barcodes system, check out the Vinote ? wine tags.
These wine bottle tags last a very long time and
adhere snugly to wine bottles. Every tag is uniquely
numbered and bar coded. The bar code section is
perforated so that it may be folded out of sight or
easily torn off.

If you're not ready to update your wine storage
record keeping, and prefer regular paper records,
there are a number of attractive wine catalogue
books already formatted for just such record
keeping. A decent wine catalogue book should be
small enough to carry with you if you will bring it
along on trips to other wine cellars.

A hygro-thermometer is a very necessary component
to any wine cellar, as it ensures that the wine is
resting at the appropriate temperature and
humidity. These devices do not adjust temperature
or relative humidity, but can be paired with the right
devices in order to make sure that everything is
running smoothly.

About the Author

April used to be a bartender with over 7 years of experience. She later retired to become a freelance wine critic and a writer for a number of wine books. In these books, she specializes on finding the right glassware and utensils for your bar. Visit http://www.ebarware.com for a list of "must haves" such as a wine
glass rack
for your bar.

A synopsis on Red Wine.

Choosing Wine Cellar Accessories

There are a number of nifty items and gadgets that can help
you organize, maintain and enjoy your wine cellar. For those
of you that have a larger w...

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Featured Red Wine Items

Mosel Spaetlese

Spaetlese meaning late harvest, a more intense fruitier wine than the wines made from the regular harvest. The village of Kluesserath is situated on the top where the Mosel river runs in a big "U". The taste is quite refreshing with an Apple finish. The wine is pale in color, light bodied with a lively, fruity acidity. This white sweet German wine is great by itself, and served wth pork and dishes with a cream sauce. Include this wine in a basket to be a perfect present! GWMSS703 GWMSS703

Price: 23.95 USD

News about Red Wine

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Fri, 26 Dec 2008 05:06:36 -0800
Red Wine by Duboeuf from Beaujolais, France - regions. The wine, distinguished and supple, with the fragrance of violets has all the features of a Fleurie. Food pairings: Grilled andouillette (a great regional classic), chicken, roast leg of lamb USD 17.00 | Beaujolais | Read more...

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French Red Wines

Fri, 26 Dec 2008 04:20:00 -0800
French red wines have become very popular in quality and use; in particular they go well with red meat such as beef, roasts, lamb and duck, veal and more.Red wines are known to contain anti-oxidants that help prevent damage to the arteries by eliminating the formation of fatty lesions and blood clots, lower blood pressure, cholesterol and stroke.

Wine Rack


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11:05 AM

12/26/08 - Cellar Master

A Cellar Master Artilce for Your Viewing

Theory Of Evolution Challenged By French Chef; Cites Role Of Food And Wine

While The Theory of Evolution has received numerous challenges since Darwin proposed it, none seems to have taken the scientific community with such devastating surprise as the theory recently proposed by a French Chef from Bordeaux.

The Chef, Andre Dumier, who operates a One Star Michelin restaurant just outside the city of Bordeaux, advanced the theory after contemplating what he considers the first requirement in the various stages of evolution - the availability of food. We were fortunate in being able to arrange an exclusive Newslaugh interview. The complete text follows.

NewsLaugh: We understand you have proposed a radical revision of Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Would you please explain your theory?

Dumier: But, of course, monsieur. The great flaw in Darwin's Theory is that he puts Natural Selection before the existence of food to select.

NewsLaugh: Say, that's interesting. Can you elaborate?

Dumier: It is my pleasure to do so. To me his Theory of Evolution does not make a primary place for the absolute necessity of food. Let me explain. Do you think the fish evolved in the ocean before there was plankton for them to dine on? Of course, not. They would have starved! And, if they could not survive, how could you have Survival of the Fittest?

NewsLaugh: Do you have an alternate theory to propose?

Dumier: Oui, monsieur. Survival of the Fullest. To my mind, it is the more correct idea.

NewsLaugh: Yes, we can see your point. How do you account for the fact that animals eventually emerged from the sea and populated the land?

Dumier: Think for yourself! Do you suppose they would have crawled out onto the land if there was no food waiting for them? No, no! They went up onto the land because they knew there was food there, just waiting for them to bite into and enjoy!

NewsLaugh: May we ask how they found out it was there?

Dumier: Well, I wasn't present at the time, but I will tell you my thought. Some food got blown into the water, no doubt a delectable plant or so. Perhaps a legume. Maybe during a rainstorm a truffle got washed in. These primitive fish took a taste. They liked it and wanted more. But they couldn't go get it.

NewsLaugh: Why is that?

Dumier: Why else? They had no legs, a deficiency that brings us to how such things really evolved.

NewsLaugh: How is that?

Dumier: Think, monsieur! Since they needed legs to get to the food, they grew them. Then they walked out and chowed down.

NewsLaugh: How do you think they eventually became exclusively land-based animals?

Dumier: For the same reason that you go to the grocery store every week. There is a lot of food and you can pick it up without having to be concerned that somebody else will snatch it out of your hand. They noticed they were the only diners on land, whereas in the primal ocean, there were millions of fish, competing for every morsel and a big one might even dine on you. But on the land? No, such worries. There they beheld, not only the plentiful food, but, at least for the short term, the absence of competition for it.

NewsLaugh: So your theory is that evolution was originally driven by the availability of food?

Dumier: But, of course! Look even at the world today. Wherever there is a speck of food, for example, even lichen in the tiniest crack in a rock, some little bug or bird evolves to eat it. But first must come the food!

NewsLaugh: How do you account for the evolution of homo sapiens?

Dumier: My good man, look for yourself! The proof is right before your eyes. You have seen the famous cave paintings at Lascaux?

NewsLaugh: Yes, we're familiar with them.

Dumier: Well, then, think about the famous Hall of the Bulls. Why do you think those primitive inhabitants were drawing bulls? Because they like bulls? No, because they were thinking about steak for dinner! But, actually, food is only the more primitive aspect of my theory.

NewsLaugh: Please, elaborate.

Dumier: When the Neanderthals or some earlier hominids discovered fire, what do you think is the first thing they thought of, eh? Voila! Now we can cook our food! No more raw meat for us. So they began to roast and broil! Do you know how different that is? Homo sapiens is the only creature who cooks his food! Fish can't cook in the water, because if they try to boil it they get poached. And can you imagine, for example, foxes gathered around a fire, roasting a rack of lamb? No, cooking is purely an aspect of human behavior.

NewsLaugh: Yes, that's true. But certainly there's more to the evolution of man - and woman - than food?

Dumier: Of course, of course. And that brings us to the big question? The final step toward homo sapies. These primitives asked, 'What next?' At this point, they were ready, in Hegelian terms, to make the next big leap in self-realization.

NewsLaugh: What was that?

Dumier: They noticed grapes. They liked to eat them and savor the juice, but there is, after all, so little of the delectable nectar in a single grape. So they decided to squeeze a batch of them to have more. Then a female - or perhaps a less-warlike male who was tending the cave while the strong guys were out hunting for dinner - accidentally, or perhaps as an inspiration, dropped in some yeast. And what do you think? Voila again! Only this time vin! They discovered wine.

NewsLaugh: Hmm, I suppose it might well have happened that way.

Dumier: Yes, yes, why do you think we still age wine in a cave? But now you see the entire picture, do you not? There they are, these ancestors of ours, sitting in a cave around a fire, roasting steaks and drinking wine. How much of a step do you think it is beyond these nascent gourmets to homo sapiens as we know and feed him today?

NewsLaugh: Yes, of course. But now that you have propounded your theory, what do you propose to do about the controversy you have created?

Dumier: The best thing I can do. Just keep cooking and serving wine at my wonderful Michelin-rated restaurant. I must leave the scientific souffl? I have whipped up at the Sorbonne and elsewhere to the scientists.

NewsLaugh: What if your theory is refuted?

Dumier: Refuted for whom, monsieur? Never for me! Whatever the experts decide, I will continue to believe that you cannot have a proper Theory of Evolution unless you make a primary place for the necessity of food and, later, for the delights of wine.

NewsLaugh: Thank you, Chef Dumier. It has been a pleasure talking with you.

Dumier: You're most welcome. But, my good man, talk about pleasure, may I invite you to stay for dinner? This evening I am making some of my exquisite roti du boef, which will go quite well with an elegant Bordeaux.

About the Author

Tom Attea, creator of NewsLaugh.com, has had six shows produced Off-Broadway and has written comedy for TV. Critics have called his writing ""delightfully funny" and "witty" with "good, genuine laughs."

Cellar Master and More

Theory Of Evolution Challenged By French Chef; Cites Role Of Food And Wine

While The Theory of Evolution has received numerous challenges since Darwin proposed it, none seems to have taken the scientific community with such d...

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Recommended Cellar Master Items

Meddersheimer Paradiesgarten Kerner Kabinett

The wines of the upper Nahe, with their small and scattered vineyards, are rarely exported. The Rheingrafenberg coop, the last in the region, has been producing fine wines from this area since 1929. Although small in size, the wines from this winery in Meddersheim are big in stature. This Kabinett from the 2002 vintage is a full-flavored wine with ripe apple flavors. And of course, this prime Nahe wine comes in the familiar cobalt blue bottle. MEK02 MEK02

Price: 19.99 USD

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Fri, 17 Oct 2008 06:33:25 -0700
The very first Elgin Valley Market tomorrow is set to be a feast - for the eyes and the stomach. Here’s is the list of all the stall holders joining us tomorrow, from 09:00 to 14:00:

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Hanna Wine
Merlot Wine


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