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Wine and Cheese Gifts

The combination of wine and cheese has been around for many years now and is loved by almost everyone. In fact, it is considered to be the classic pair by many wine enthusiasts. It may sound surprising to some but for every kind of wine, a specific kind of cheese is preferred as an accompaniment. Some of the all time favorite combinations are mentioned below.

For Champagne, some of the ideal kinds of cheese are Irish Cheddar, French Brie and Chaource. P'tit Basque, Gruyere de Comt?, and Explorateur are some of the kinds of cheese considered to be ideal to accompany Chardonnay. With Merlot, cheese such as Monte Veronese, Spanish cheese and Manchego are enjoyed. Blythedale Camembert, Cocoa Cardona, Le Marechal and French cheese are liked with Pinot Noir. With Port, some of the kinds of popular cheese are English Cheddar, Cabrales and Agour Ossau-Iraty. Riesling is best accompanied by San Simon, Emmental and Muravera, among others. For Zinfandel, cheese such as Fiscalini Bandaged Wrapped Cheddar, Vella Special Select Dry Monterey Jack and Moulin Bleu Goat Cheese are considered to be perfect. Sauvignon Blanc is thought to be best accompanied by Buche de Chevre, Pecorino Toscano, and Fontina Val d'Aosta and Italian cheese.

One can even gift a variety of cheese boards to wine lovers, as they can be of much use to those who prefer to have some kind of cheese with their wines. Cheese boards are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Many cheese boards also come with special cheese knives which are made as per the design or color of the board itself. Generally, cheese boards are differentiated according to the wine, which they are intended for. There are Champagne cheese boards, Chardonnay cheese boards, Merlot cheese boards, Pinot Noir cheese boards, Port cheese boards, Riesling cheese boards, Zinfandel cheese boards and Sauvignon Blanc cheese boards, among many others.

Wine and cheese gift baskets are considered to be ideal gifts as they are suited for all types of occasions, be it anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving or a wedding.

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Wine and Cheese Gifts

The combination of wine and cheese has been around for many years now and is loved by almost everyone. In fact, it is considered to be the classic pai...

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